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The Members Forum

The members forum is an integral part of the RBL Riders Branch. As we are a National Branch of the Royal British Legion it allows our members to communicate in a quick and easy way. Unfortunately the forum is restricted to RBLR members only and no guests are allowed.

But why not join the branch by clicking HERE to find out what your missing.

If you are a member of the branch but have not yet signed up for a forum account follow the link below. Register using your first name (nickname if any) and last names as your user name.

i.e. Ian (JJ) Jarvis

This helps us to identify who is who slightly easier, and makes the administration much quicker.
New members, please be patient, as we have to check membership details prior to giving you full access.

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If you've already registered then

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If you have any problems with your forum access please contact our Forum Administrator by emailing