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Graham Barber (Dorset Rep) takes receipt of the new Riders Branch display 'Chopper', kindly donated along with 2 of the gazebos pictured, by Mr Richard Nicholson of Dorset Canopy Sales & Hire. Also pictured Pete Bradley and JJ Jarvis (Chairman).

Dare to be different………
The Riders Branch is the fastest growing Branch in the history of the Royal British Legion, having only formed in November 2004. Differentiation is essential for long-term success and the Riders Branch is certainly different, being very pro-active and representing the contemporary face of the Royal British Legion we share the same aims.

97% of the UK public recognise the Poppy Brand and as a prolific part of the Legion we could make a great partner for companies who wish to raise their profile and profits.
There are numerous ways to get involved, not least with the Poppy Appeal – it can be as simple as making poppies available to your employees, clients and customers. Raffle prizes, auction items and sponsorship are great ways of raising your companies profile, whilst Cause related and Affinity marketing create opportunities to build profitable partnerships.
There may be some ideas that you had not considered before. If there is anything that you would like to discuss then we would be keen to hear from you. 

Please email: and we will respond.

There are nearly 10.5 million people in the UK right now who could at any time, turn to us for help. Last year alone, we spent more than £75 million carrying out welfare work among the serving and ex-Service community. But for every person we reach, there are many more who are still struggling alone.

Please help us to help our heroes.